Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hello Fall 2014!

Another semester is here, and the serving schedule for the North District has been posted. Thank you for your service! Below, please find some ministry a brother recently sent out regarding the need for the children and the proper service for the Lord's testimony.

"This may seem like a small service but I remember reading this portion from a book All Ages for the Lord's Testimony a few years ago and it was very encouraging. Brother Lee talked about the usefulness of infants and toddlers in protecting the Lord's testimony. Here is that portion, "Numbers 3:28 strangely mentions the male Levites “from a month old and upward,” indicating that they also were to keep the charge of the sanctuary. This verse reveals that even a very young one is useful in keeping the charge of the tabernacle. A baby a month old is, of course, not able to fight. However, he can help to keep the testimony.

Concerning the service or ministry in the tabernacle, there are in the book of Numbers three age groups: those between thirty and fifty, who were fully qualified to serve; those between twenty-five and thirty, who were engaged in an apprenticeship of five years to learn how to minister in the tabernacle; and those a month old and upward, who could keep the charge of the tabernacle. A baby a month old may not seem to be able to do anything, but he is a help for keeping the tabernacle. If a thousand little children were to surround our meeting hall, they would certainly be helping to keep it.

The service in Numbers is a picture of the church service. The church service does not depend mainly on the young people. For the service of the tabernacle, we need the little ones, from one month to twenty years of age; the apprentices, aged twenty-five to thirty; and those between the ages of thirty and fifty, who are fully qualified to serve. We need many more infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and those in elementary, junior high and high school. We need a great many more in this age group to surround the tabernacle.

You may think that such young ones are useless for God’s testimony, but God’s economy is different from our natural concept. According to Numbers 3, God would use even the infants to protect His testimony. We need to follow God’s strategy. This means that we need more young ones from one month to twenty years of age and we need enough older ones to take care of them."

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